We Are For Children, LLC is a Pediatric Physician Organization formed in 2011 to help members respond to changing healthcare market forces.

Our mission: To enhance members’ ability to deliver the highest quality patient care to the children they serve; to improve the health of the children in our communities; and to increase the professional satisfaction and operational effectiveness of our members as independent practices.

For Pediatricians

All WAFC members are independent pediatric practices who “speak the same language” and share variations of the same goals. WAFC is the collective voice that advocates knowledgeably and forcefully on members’ behalf.

Clinical Focus

We help members improve patient care by sponsoring care initiatives, developing formularies and more.

Business Support

We work with office managers, billers, insurers, care managers and providers to enhance business processes.

Community Partnerships

We collaborate with community resources to identify needs, conduct research, expand services and improve health.

By Pediatricians

Each WAFC practice is a member with an equal vote in shaping the focus and direction of the organization. Members stay informed and involved through meetings and committees.

Made in Michigan

WAFC is based in West Michigan and serves pediatric practices throughout the state.

3rd Party Funded

Ongoing operational costs are supported by insurers.

Powerful Voice

We leverage member unity to approach insurers, subspecialists and ancillary care providers from a position of strength.

At a Glance

We Are For Children believes pediatricians have a key role to play in the ongoing transformation of the healthcare system.

Strength in Numbers

WAFC currently includes nine practice groups encompassing 52 physicians.

High Standards

WAFC members adopt the Patient-Centered Medical Home model and implement Electronic Medical Records.

Measurable Results

WAFC practices boast some of the highest quality scores in their region, year after year.

We Are For Children Executive Committee:

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