WAFC assists members with the issues most important to them, as determined by the members themselves.

By providing the tools and infrastructure required to adapt and re-adapt to the rapidly changing healthcare environment, our goal is to invoke prosperity and growth amongst pediatric practices, while allowing them to remain independent.

We focus exclusively on pediatric issues to address the unique professional interests of physicians who care for children. Read More

Physician Satisfaction

Our job is to make your job easier and more fulfilling. One way we do that is to facilitate sharing of best practices between you, your peers and your support staff. We value your voice and your point of view.

Physician Meetings

Monthly physician meetings provide a forum for discussing care initiatives, reviewing research and more.

Office Manager Meetings

Monthly office manager meetings often focus on Pay for Performance (P4P) initiatives, billing and coding, and EMR issues.

Care Manager Meetings

Quarterly care manager meetings provide an opportunity to explore care access and coordination.

We support independent pediatric practices with infrastructure typically available only to much larger organizations. Read More

Empowering Practices

We are the voice of independent practices, advocating for new models and care systems that improve the lives of our patients. Our programs adhere to the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model, which drives significant reforms in healthcare delivery. Promoting these standards—including Electronic Health Records (EHR)—helps members deliver better care, cultivate patient relationships and capture savings.

Care Initiatives

Based on member input, we develop clinical programs and processes that can be easily integrated into practices.

Group Contracts

We leverage member unity to secure favorable terms with insurers, vaccine providers and other suppliers.

Community Partnerships

We collaborate with community resources to give members easy access to data, research, pilot programs and more.

We help physicians and practices improve the quality and outcomes of the care they deliver to patients and families. Read More

Healthy Kids

Everything we do is aimed at helping members improve the health of children in their communities. Here are just three examples of health-impacting programs embraced by our members.

Asthma Support

WAFC funds the certification of an asthma champion in each member practice, improving quality and consistency of care.

Nutritional Support

A registered dietitian visits each member practice for 3 hours every week, consulting with patients and families to address elevated BMI and other nutritional concerns.

Breastfeeding Support

A lactation consultant spends 3-4 hours/week in each member practice, supporting new moms with instruction and advice.

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